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Love business, but not marketing?

We want to get you excited about both.

So you’re almost positive marketing isn’t worth it. Seems like a ton of work for just a smidge of ROI. Besides, business is good enough anyway, so forget it, right?

Yeah, no. Don’t give up. Here’s why…

Opportunities are right around the corner, and we’re going to get you there.

It’s our mission to vaporize the stress of growing your business with marketing that WORKS!

We make it happen all the time. Frustrated business owners (like you) come to us, ready to give up on marketing because they’ve got bigger fish to fry. But we never let ‘em!

Instead, we use proven tactics to create an actionable strategy and get results before you know it. You can forget your marketing woes, focus on what you love, and reap the business you always dreamed of.

What can you count on?

Short answer: done-for-you marketing.

Long answer: in-depth marketing audits, CMO-for-hire, and one-on-one coaching.

See what your perfect strategy looks like thanks to our comprehensive audits. We uncover everything that’s stressing you out, and then create a plan to get traction and grow your business.

Get CMO-level marketing without adding a single person to your staff. It’s like having your own Chief Marketing Officer!

Tackle your biggest marketing challenges with one-on-one coaching. Get expert advice, support, and guidance to market your business using the right approach.

This isn’t just another agency

Our founder experienced working with run-of-the-mill agencies.

The takeaway? They trap you in pay-til-you-die schemes while using “set it and forget it” tactics. Instead of results, all you see is a pile of invoices.

At S2B, we’re driven by one simple idea: to grow your business with sweet marketing. Because we’re here to earn your smile, not take it away.

We give you the not-just-another-agency experience that’s fully transparent and comes with peace of mind. You see every part of your plan and you know exactly what you’re getting — always.

As for the results, we’ll let those speak for themselves.

Get ready for a better day-to-day

Imagine letting out a deep breath and all your marketing stress goes with it — generating leads, building your brand, finishing that sales funnel you started six months ago…

Your day should be about what you love to do. Whether it’s real estate, mortgages, law, cupcakes — leave the marketing to us so you can focus on your passion.

Go ahead, schedule that open house, work on your latest brief, craft your confectionery masterpiece. We’ll grow your business for you.

from stressed to blessed | about
from stressed to blessed | about

Reach your goals with the right kind of marketing

More free time. More financial freedom.

Those are some pretty sweet goals, and we want to help you reach them with worry-free marketing.

Here’s the what and the how:

We specialize in social media and inbound marketing. That means we help with everything from your Facebook presence to creating automatic email campaigns and custom sales funnels.

Yes, you can sign off on everything if that’s your style. We’re all about transparency.

Just know that our work focuses on getting results, which is why we constantly test, report, and analyze to make sure your business actually grows.

You’re one good marketing strategy away from reaching your goals.

See for yourself and get in touch today!

Meet the Team

shalimar albanese-pavao

shalimar albanese-pavao

Chief Everything Officer & Marketing Maestro

Shal is the visionary driving everything we do at S2B. From projects to people, she manages it all with a smile and somehow doesn’t lose her mind. Maybe it’s because she’s on a mission to build the best business-growing business there is.

Fun fact: She’s a speed reader. She doesn’t watch videos — she reads the transcripts instead.



Social Media Strategist & Marketing Magic Maker

In other places, a kind heart & a solid work ethic is called “the total package.” Around here, we just call her Dayna. An original S2Ber, Dayna applies her sales, administrative, & design experience to getting our clients the best outcomes.

Fun Fact: When Dayna’s not crushing it behind the scenes, she’s tending to her mini-farm, which is home to a diverse group of animals. Get in touch to see what Dayna can do for your brand.



Workflow Guru

“On-point” doesn’t even begin to describe the talented Jhea Mae Gaco. Her administrative prowess has given clients all over the world the tools they need to get it done right. Take it from us—nothing gets past Jhea unless it’s the best.

Fun Fact: When she’s not crushing it across multiple time zones, she’s doing her best to make it through a scary movie!



Graphic Artist

There’s an eye for design, and then there’s Tara. She’s our resident magician when it comes to graphics. She gives personality to everything she touches, and loves to wow clients with her designs.

Fun fact: She’d love to ride in a hot air balloon. Any takers?




Kaitlin’s known to steady our dynamic ship with her marketing, organizational, and administrative expertise. She’s a Jane of All Trades, from marketing to video editing and everything between. If you’re one of our treasured clients, chances are you’ve experienced our valuable team member in action!

Fun fact: Kaitlin’s talented eye goes beyond her fantastic work in our agency. She’s a talented oil painter, who loves rendering New England landscapes and forests.

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