Here at S2B, we help a lot of professionals and businesses gain traction with online audiences. From property marketing to social media content, we do it all.

So, if you’re a real estate professional looking to harness the power of digital marketing to grow your clients, then welcome to our genius zone.

We’re sharing 3 real estate marketing strategies to help newer agents expand their digital footprint in this blog. It’s all about helping your ideal clients find you through customized digital marketing that converts.

Even if you’re more seasoned, this blog can still help you refine your digital presence while earning new clients that connect with you.

All right, let’s dig into the ABCs of digital marketing for real estate agents.

1.  Email is still king

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach new clients while landing deals.

Why is this?

It’s simple. Email meets people where they already are.

Think of how often you maintain access to your email. Even when you’re logged off social media platforms, you’re likely to still be able to receive alerts for new emails.

Many people use our email as their primary digital address. We receive business-related as well as personal information there. Most importantly, effective email marketing campaigns can yield very high conversion rates while reinforcing brand awareness.

Here are some suggestions to start getting the most out of your email marketing efforts:

  • Schedule monthly newsletters containing info on market conditions, financing, and neighborhood spotlights.
  • Automate your marketing emails into different audience groups—one for potential clients, another for past clients, one for prospective clients, and a lateral email chain for trusted partners.

You should see an uptick in clients reaching to you and even reaching out through the email itself if done correctly.

2.  Time to (finally) get social

Do you have robust social media profiles? You may think it’s possible to whip up some highly converting copy, but the truth is that a well-crafted profile takes time. Moreover, it can make the difference between earning a user’s trust and making them scroll by.

At the very least, you should complete a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook Business page, an Instagram profile, a Yelp page, and a presence on Google Business.

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Algorithms reward content that is well crafted and frequently updated. You have a great chance of being seen online if your social media presence is on point.
  2. Users want to see content and feel a connection to you. They’re trusting you with their most important purchase, after all.

Asking questions on social media is a great way to get your comments filled up, which pushes you higher in other people’s newsfeeds. It doesn’t have to be real estate-related. It can be in response to something funny you saw online. Staying engaged on social media platforms keeps you fresh in your audience’s mind, making them more likely to call you when they need something.

PRO TIP: Avoid wading into controversial topics. Your social media accounts should serve as beacons for your professional services and your personality. Anything else could alienate potential clients.

3.  Create content that moves online users to act

What’s the action you want visitors to your webpage or email to take?

Do you want them to call you? Are you looking to sign a contract with them in a week?

Knowing the answers to these questions is key to developing content that drives specific actions on behalf of your visitors.

Well-written content, like blogs, can engage your readers. Even better is that blogs can position you as an authority on a particular subject. They get people in the door of your website and then sell them on your expertise.

If you’re not comfortable writing a full blog post, we offer professional writing services to give your digital marketing a serious boost.

Bottom line

Helping great real estate professionals thrive is our passion. We develop marketing materials for a range of business needs.

Bring your goals and let us help you reach them through professionally crafted materials that will help you stand out.

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