Representing yourself well across all social media platforms is crucial for your business – that’s why you, as a professional, must be careful when it’s time to name your YouTube channel.

Before we dive deeper into YouTube handles and custom URLs, here are a few simple tips for how to best name your YouTube channel:

  1. Choose a name that represents your brand well and continue to use that same name across all your social media platforms.
  2. Make your YouTube channel name memorable.
  3. Create a name that is easy to spell and avoid using numbers.
  4. Ensure that your name follows YouTube’s Community Guidelines.


What Are YouTube Handles and Why Do They Matter?

Now that we’ve covered some channel naming basics let’s dive deeper into the world of “YouTube Handles.”

In October 2022, YouTube announced that they would begin introducing “handles” to YouTube Channels. Handles are different from YouTube channel names. While numerous YouTube channels can have the same name, handles must be unique to only one channel.

In the past, YouTube users sometimes found locating specific channels challenging, especially if a channel had the same name as others. Additionally, sometimes URLs take a lot of work to remember. So, YouTube came out with “handles,” designed to help locate your channel easier.

In short, YouTube handles are essential because they make it easier for users to confirm that they are engaging with the correct channel, creator, or person. They also provide a unique way for handle owners to get noticed in shorts, tagged in videos, and connect with others in the YouTube community.


How Do You Find Your YouTube Handle and Change It?

Users should be notified in YouTube Studio and by email when it’s time to change their handle. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Visit on your mobile device (via the YouTube app) or a computer.
  2. Click on “Change Handle” or “Choose Handle.” Based on your previous custom URL, you may already have a handle created for you.
  3. Check to see if your preferred handle name is available. There is also an option to select a suggested handle or pre-filled handle name.
  4. Click “Confirm Selection” when you are satisfied with your new handle. If your desired handle is unavailable, it is probably already in use or didn’t meet YouTube’s handle naming guidelines (listed below).


What Should You Do if Someone Is Using Your YouTube Handle Without Your Permission?

Because YouTube has created the handle system to be unique to each user, there should be fewer problems with people using other users’ handles without their permission. When handles are chosen, YouTube does not allow users to select them again because they’re already in use.

However, if you feel this has happened to you, contact YouTube or visit their Help Center. They will be able to advise you on the steps you need to take.


How Can You Create a Custom URL for Your YouTube Channel?

In the past, custom URLs were only allowed for channels with 100+ subscribers. However, anyone can now create a YouTube handle and use it as their URL. Having a “clean” URL helps you share and promote yourself and your brand better.

Your YouTube handle will automatically become your new YouTube channel URL, making it easier for users to find you. If you previously had a custom URL, this link now redirects YouTube users to your new URL based on your handle name. To change your URL, you need to update your handle by going to


What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Good YouTube Handle That Represents You and Your Channel Well?

We all know that YouTube marketing works if implemented correctly, but did you know that choosing a good YouTube handle is also crucial?

As we mentioned above, there are several essential things to remember when you name your YouTube channel. The same is true for your YouTube handle.

Ensure your handle is easy to spell. Also, try to ensure it accurately represents your brand, niche, and content. You want to come across as memorable yet professional to other users.

As you prepare to change your handle, here are a few guidelines that YouTube has set:

  1. You can only use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, and periods.
  2. Each handle must be between 3-30 characters long.
  3. Handles cannot appear as a phone number or look like a URL.
  4. You cannot choose a handle that is already being used.
  5. Handles must follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this resource outlining tips for how to name your YouTube channel and your new handle. We have a wide range of free marketing resources here, perfect for those who prefer the “DIY” approach.

However, if YouTube handles – and marketing in general – have got you down, don’t worry! We can step in and make your channel shine. Feel free to book a virtual appointment, call, or email a member of our skilled marketing team. We’ve got your back!

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