It’s no secret that real estate agents benefit from using social media to build their brands, create an online presence, and gather leads. But what good is it to post content if no one interacts with your posts? If you struggle with audience engagement on social media, we can help! Check out the top 5 ideas for social media posts for REALTORS® to increase engagement.


Share Your Latest Listings

Many agents share all their property listings on social media, which is smart, considering 79% of 18-to-29-year-olds use Facebook and 82% of 30-to-49-year-olds use one (or more) social media platforms.

While posting your listings is an excellent start, there is more you can do to garner engagement on these posts. Here are a few tips for sharing listings that people will love!

  • Accurately describe your listing with vivid details – readers love to go on a “journey” with you and imagine themselves living in the home.
  • Share why this home would be an excellent fit for the buyer, pointing out noteworthy features and can’t-miss amenities.
  • When posting your listing, share professional photos and utilize video marketing when possible. Social media users are visually motivated, so beautiful images and videos will grab their attention, stop their scrolling, and increase interaction.
  • Don’t forget to post a link to the listing and an inviting call to action. This crucial last step tells your prospective buyers what to do next.


Showcase Homes You Have Sold in the Past

As you search for share-worthy social media posts for REALTORS®, don’t overlook showcasing the homes you’ve already sold. Sharing about past properties does a few different things. First, it displays that you are a well-educated REALTOR® with experience and knowledge. Because they can see you were successful with past transactions, they are more likely to imagine themselves working with you.

Next, showcasing sold homes provides the perfect opportunity for you to share what the home buying (or selling) process was like for your client. This information also allows followers to envision what they may experience when working with you.

Feel free to provide this special “sneak peek,” allowing your audience to ask questions, post comments, and more!


Give Advice, Tips, and Insight Into the Buying or Selling Process

Many home buyers and sellers feel overwhelmed and need more preparation when beginning their real estate transactions. Because you are the industry expert, you have the power to provide all the advice they need!

Here are a few ideas for “real estate insight” posts:

  1. Share about a closing where you encountered a problem but saved the day.
  2. Provide advice on getting your home market ready, including home updates that bring value.
  3. Create and share monthly market updates.
  4. Post videos outlining the steps of buying or selling a home.
  5. Share how clients can get top dollar for their property.
  6. Don’t be scared to add a little shock value – share real estate horror stories, “buyer mistake” lists, and other things your audience should avoid during future transactions.


Share Photos of Happy Clients

When you share photos of happy clients, don’t merely post a picture of your client holding a “sold” sign. Take it a few steps further to deliver that “wow” factor!

Why should you put in the extra effort? To put it simply: People love heartwarming stories.

When you create the post, share how this home purchase helped change your client’s life. Did the house provide much-needed space for kids to learn and grow? Did it create the perfect environment for retirement and relaxation? Did it remove the pain of a long commute or bring an extended family closer together?

How did you solve your client’s problem, making their life better?

By sharing this content, you show your audience that you can create a real estate experience that other agents often can’t. Whether prospective clients plan to buy or sell a home, they will recognize the exceptional value you bring and see how much you care about people.

Buyers and sellers want to know you care about their lives. What better way to show them than with past clients’ success stories?


Post About Upcoming Local Events

Sharing about upcoming events, like open houses and local auctions, makes excellent social media posts for REALTORS®. Include reasons why your followers don’t want to miss these events. Perhaps the open house is at a home in a highly sought-after community, or the real estate auction is for a gorgeous property at a rock-bottom price. Make it a “must-attend” event! Once again – this is a fantastic opportunity for your audience to interact with you and ask questions.

Additionally, consider posting about non-real estate events or local attractions to show people you are invested in the community. If your city is known for a particular fair or festival each summer, share all about it! People get excited about upcoming community events, which may create more organic shares.


More Tips For Marketing Yourself on Social Media

Thank you for coming here to learn all about social media posts for REALTORS®. We are confident that by using these ideas and tips, you’ll increase your engagement in no time!

For even more social media marketing tips, please check out our recent blog post covering establishing your brand, using hashtags, and more.

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