Regardless of the industry, you work in, a LinkedIn company page has become an essential tool for communicating your brand’s message and connecting with prospects. While it’s a platform specifically for people to do business, gaining followers can be challenging, particularly when creating your company page. While there are several ways to increase your company page followers, we’ll look at how to invite LinkedIn connections to follow a company page.

Two years ago, we first told you how LinkedIn was reinstituting the ability to invite your connections to follow your company’s page after they didn’t allow it for a long time. LinkedIn had removed the feature because it was being abused by companies trying to get in front of everybody, all at once.

In that blog, we gave you the instructions and parameters on how to invite LinkedIn connections to follow a company page. Now, they’ve updated the process – so we’re updating you.

Inviting LinkedIn Connections

Before we jump into the mechanics, let’s spend a few moments looking at why LinkedIn connections are important for a business. LinkedIn has 830 million members in more than 200 countries worldwide.  Accordingly, it’s the most far-reaching business-to-business networking tool. For businesses, this scale and scope offer an unrivaled opportunity for things like lead generation.

LinkedIn lets your company connect with other business professionals and potential customers, expanding your brand presence and awareness. Of course, it’s not just prospective customers that are valuable to connect with. As many of your existing customers also have LinkedIn profiles, you can build a powerful network by connecting with people you already know.

Why invite LinkedIn Connections? 

Simply put, the more followers your brand has, the further your influence. From a business point of view, this has several advantages:

  • You can promote your services and products to a wider audience and one that’s already engaged with what you offer.
  • LinkedIn is a fantastic support tool to drive visitors to your company’s website. A whopping 46% of social media traffic going to B2B company sites comes from LinkedIn.
  • When your company is ready to expand your team, you’ll have primed followers and are ready for any vacancies.
  • LinkedIn is the perfect platform for a business m to create and share content. The more followers you have, the more likes and shares of your content you’ll get, which adds credibility to your brand and helps build authority in your industry.
  • Considering how many conversations are happening on LinkedIn, it is also an ideal place to increase awareness. Not only can you join in with this dialogue, but you can also raise awareness of issues that are significant to your company.

As you can see, inviting connections and having many followers on your company’s LinkedIn page can be invaluable to your company by gaining you access to this tremendous potential.

Now let’s get to the nuts and bolts.

How to Invite LinkedIn Connections to Follow a Company Page

If you are a Super or Content Admin user on your Company’s LinkedIn Page, you can grow your follower base by inviting your 1st-degree connections to follow your Page.

Each page can invite up to 100 of their network to follow the page every month. Some page admins have been upgraded to be able to invite 250 connections to follow each of their pages every month. Your “invitation credits” will refill to 100 (or 250, depending on your account) each month.

LinkedIn recommends that you only send Page invitations to connections who are likely to be interested in your company’s Page. Members can opt-out of receiving any Page invitations through their network settings.

To send an invitation to your connections:

Access your Page Super or Content admin view, click the Admin tools dropdown at the top of the Page, and select Invite Connections.

You can select members by scrolling down through the list of names and selecting the box to the left of their names. Once selected, the contacts will appear on the left-hand column. You can unselect individually by clicking on the X or ‘Unselect all.’

You can filter contacts by location, current company, schools, and industry.

Once your contacts are selected, you invite them by clicking on the blue “Invite” button at the bottom right-hand side. Your connections will receive an invitation notification. If an error appears, you may have reached your invitation limit.

A Note About Invite Credits

You might wonder if you can get more than 100 (or 250) invite credits over a month. The answer is yes. When an invitation is accepted, the credit is earned and applied to the Page’s balance.

Since LinkedIn refills the credits on the 1st of each month, our tip is to use all your credits at the start. As people accept your invitation to follow your company’s page, you will have longer to use the new credits.

A Few Thoughts About Keeping Your New Followers

Although it’s simple to invite people to your LinkedIn company page, you must do things on your page to provide value to your new followers.

Some examples are:

  • Complete your profile– While this seems obvious, many businesses fail to fill out their profiles fully. You should look beyond just the basic information you have to provide, as there is so much more you can offer.
  • Create content– You should have a content plan that includes the regular creation and posting of content to your profile. Whether you create the content yourself or outsource it to a professional, take some time to consider the subjects relevant to you, your business, and your potential customers. If your followers engage with what you post, you’ll find that new connections are sure to follow.
  • Promote your page– Make sure your LinkedIn company page is included in your marketing communications, website, email signature, and blog posts.

In the long run, when inviting followers to your LinkedIn company page, you ought to think on a wider scale than just LinkedIn itself.

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