Our agency has seen its fair share of real estate agents on TikTok who are leveraging the popular social media app to land new clients. The best part is that it’s working.

Last month, we shared an introductory blog to help professionals in the real estate industry become familiar with TikTok. Social media marketing is key to building a loyal client base, not to mention your professional brand.

Today, we’ll explore 3 ways you can use video-sharing apps like TikTok to stand out from the crowd and find clients who will appreciate what you have to offer.

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We know what you’re thinking.

“I’m on TikTok; how much more out there can I put myself?”

Like anything else, it’s a matter of quality rather than quantity. What exactly do we mean?

Say you have 25 videos on your TikTok profile, yet none speak to cultural moments that will draw new eyeballs. Those 25 videos won’t be as effective in building your brand as one viral video will.

Here’s a closer look at what we mean:

  • Browse hashtags. Search for new video trends, such as dances, hit songs, and challenges.
  • Look at other real estate agents on TikTok. See how they are leveraging popular culture. What’s working, and what isn’t?
  • Talk to people in your life. What are they listening to, and how are they using
  • Avoid imitating ‘youthful’ behaviors. Simply be yourself. People will notice and likely reward you for it.


Did we mention that new, younger buyers are also on TikTok? It’s a great way to reach first-timers.

This is an especially wise marketing move since many new buyers are often confused about purchasing their first home. Uploading educational videos that are fun and engaging is a great way to attract new clients with your expertise.

You can write a quick script for your TikTok videos, or you can partner with a professional marketer to help you get your script.

Here are some video content ideas to help you land first-time buyers while also informing them:

  • Make a funny video detailing “first-time home buyer problems.” What are the pain points that your clients experience?
  • Play more than one character by dressing up and editing with cutaways. A funny skit about getting a mortgage preapproval or a home inspection can inform and get you traction online.

What are some of the issues your clients usually come to you with? Remember that your everyday life and professional experiences have all the substance you need to get started engaging new audiences on TikTok.


TikTok allows you to share your videos on other social media platforms. It’s a great way to maximize your reach.

If you post on TikTok, get in the habit of automatically cross-sharing it on Facebook and other viable platforms. Take the guesswork out of reaching new audiences by letting one upload work hard for you on different corners of the internet.

Just like new buyers may be using TikTok, established homeowners may be using another platform like Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t leave clients out in the cold; they need to know who you are.


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